Read the red and black "is a time too long process, because time already gave writers and works most selfless and impartial judge, I like reading attitude to bestseller since can't, and can't be like that unbridled fiction was noncommittal on that. I'm in with the mind talking with that era, the key is in history outside of the inquiry and thinking.


  Lead me finish the book is gnaw its own great charm. The authors from a paper simple criminal case showed that time data broader social screen, turn an ordinary criminal improve to early nineteenth century French bourgeoisie social system, make the level of the research history and philosophy. Novel makes me see history books in curt inability to feel, that France and bourgeois big noble alternating the key period of ruling the condition. I learn realistic works of another kind of artistic characteristics of the world of people - 1783 stendhal "soul dialectics"; This and I had from the high old man ", "ouye ni · lattice lang sets of Balzac in" the experience "caused a person's circumstances" very different.

  The most dazzling encyclopedia is literary history famous characters, in SuoLeiEr natural is even higher, "civilian background, culture, as happened with the hostess governess, relationships, dew, the shot that lover, was sentenced to death" is his life's skeleton, "pursue" happy "warm" and "perseverance and class differences revolt showed almost hero's spirit is moving flesh and blood. The author USES desalt material description and highlight the gimmick of mind tracking, it is to strengthen the impulse even in youth pursuit of "the hero's dream" experience, this is the social form of resistance, but also for proudlly, our lost youth rebellion.

  For ambition in social reality when hampering only two choices: retreats or resistance.(www.jt43.com) Those small staff in advance, not all the youth is complaining life tedious withdraws person, they maybe mediocrity comfortably was social forward eliminated. Can continually establish a life goal, decided to achieve the ideal of life is and YuLianYou masculine-looking same protesters. The era of course not welcome false words as the method, but still need enthusiasm for life to oppose empty to live. So, in the end even tragic except shows "personal rebellion won't work" outside, the more practical significance in today's society.

  Write so far, leads to the novel to a "firsts" -- made with DE pepe reina in even Mrs "spiritual love" and to connect with DE la Moore young lady "mind love" set each other off becomes an interest. Although the two aristocratic way of love, a very different deep, a frantic, they in these two basic points is consistent, that is: to this class of disgust, MenFa system and rebellious feudal. Remember when julien jeanvier find their love is morphing into vanity said "I put their tools can be destroyed", after the detail is "a proud with malicious expression between the most sincere quickly replaced the most intense love, look." The noble from miss is always slow as the tortoise climb, like life, with a loss of dignity method. Evoked love Book two paragraphs of tragic love has always been with the progress of the upstart dominated and even inferiority in the suspect, until brought life shall be the end, love that broke the futility of primitive sparks, a illnesses.

  When I will put pen to write with consciousness, found that when the time already can feel with the time with a psychic reading the original compared. I'm excited to gain against mediocre revelation, moved by those although distortion and still heroic love segments. When someone mentioned "red and black", I can proudly in response to "I read" behind plus a "I also YanJuan meditation of".


  In even the fate of bellaire. Cable gladne affects me. Throughout his extremely short, but is full of twists of young life, flowing turmoil with too many contradictions and complex. To this, people can make a lot of judgment -- a small SiYouZhe blind pursue personal interests tragedy. An ambitious destruction; A feudal fighter sacrifice, etc. All have views, but are sensible. I think, said even a individualism in would be nice but ambitious than a the pursuit of happiness and unfortunate went wrong people more precisely. Natural this wrong not simply take a memorized the means of social morality, but from his mind deeper contradictions essence.

  Even in all his life in the pursuit of happiness. Though he, but humble origins to education, and by good with outstanding wisdom, so his future in the so-called these parisians of society. What is happiness, and how to achieve happiness, is puzzling humanity for thousands of years, also puzzling our in even. In their mind, happiness and no exact standard, just in his deceit, in his vigilance, his another "battle plan" in its implementation. He is the first out of the abuse and happiness, custom for Mrs. Leonard lauder's front perform "some responsibility" and happiness, as proud mathilde in front of your happiness, for yield fictions and happy again the hell. He desire happiness, eager to rocketing, he vowed that he would rather die a thousand times will make a meteoric rise. Therefore, he made a and a "war plan", use all sorts of false means, he superman wisdom play incisively and vividly. But after all, he is a good young plant, so in often of happiness, he will ask yourself, deeply remorse. Therefore, his plan always loopholes, always questionable.

  It is found that even in this kind of happiness in the standard in society and others standard for the standard, the pursuit of others and the society admits. In essence, he didn't get much joy and happiness, on the contrary make him in a tense state, just feel "happy to the extreme," running in excitement, an "ambitious ecstasy" realization, just a moment's passion, the rest is thinking about then should make a plan. These so-called happiness is only in summons, even to sacrifice the representation essence. When he thought Mrs. Leonard lauder's letter ruined his happiness, he thought of revenge, was eventually put into prison. Instead, make him in prison released from social bondage, freedom. He unloaded all camouflage and masks a bygone, find the true self, also found the essence of happiness. He gave up the escape and appeal, can sincerely treat every friend, frankly, in death.

  For in the love, we also even with strong interest. Because in the successful happiness then destruction even with his love of close contact. His two lovers - Mrs. Leonard lauder's and mathilda with short and struggle of life, so might as well to see even respectively with the two lovers in the romance. Julien jeanvier and Mrs. Leonard lauder's love for her even began to temptation. At first, he just in the performance of the so-called "responsibility", this is a kind of noble Lord retaliation, a vanity of satisfy. But Mrs. Leonard lauder's the kind, honest, gentle deeply moved to even. A period of time, he fell madly in love with Mrs. Leonard lauder's. Unfortunately this loving and soon occupied by various ambition, until finally and grubby, outbreaks.